3 Spaces · 1 Purpose

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Our Unique Approach


The 631 Solution recognizes that one space does not fit all when it comes to the care you need as a cross-cultural worker. Each field of service, each season, and each individual has a unique story with unique needs. For that reason, we offer several of our services in three distinct spaces–our space, your space, and the web space. Regardless of where we meet, our purpose remains the same–keeping you healthy and effective in your field of service. It’s part of The 631 Solution.

Our Space

Safe and Inviting

Located in a quiet neighborhood in Jackson, Tennessee, The 631 Solution can host singles or couples in their home.

Space to live. Space to work.

One floor of the home is dedicated to guests with a king-sized bedroom, private bath, and a living space with a limited kitchenette. We provide talk-services and meals on the main floor of the home in a comfortable living area, dining room, and kitchen.

At its heart, The 631 Solution was founded on the idea of providing a place for cross-cultural workers to get away and rest so that they may find restoration and renewal that propels them into the next season of serving. Our home in Jackson, Tennessee was designed for such a purpose.

You will find comfort in the guest’s private space as well as relationship and support through shared meals and talk-services that are geared toward your specific needs.

Your Space

Sometimes your space is the best space. For families with children this can be especially true. But also, singles and couples may find benefit in The 631 Solution coming to you, whether it is to your field of service or a temporary location on home assignment.

Comfort and Continuity

Provide continuity of care and routine for the youngest members of your family.

Connection to Your Environment

Gain clarity regarding what is going on around you and your place in it.

Simplify Home Assignment

Reduce the expense and load of travel on home assignment and receive care right where you are.

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Web Space

There are times when meeting in person just isn’t possible. We make space for that via video chat meetings. This alternative is particularly beneficial for short-term ongoing services such as coaching and spiritual direction, and it brings continuity when added to in-person meetings with longer-term pastoral care.

Remote access

Get the support you need from anywhere in the world, provided the internet is stable.

A Listening Ear

Facilitate your discernment process.

On-going care

Build on in-person meetings to help move you forward and gain traction with your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

Our services are designed with cross-cultural workers in mind, from pre-launch to post-field. Singles, couples, and families benefit from our service offerings. Although most of what we do focuses on adults, Matt is a TCK himself and has a heart for kids growing up between cultures. Our family debriefings include sessions that involve children ages 6 and up. Having raised three children on the field, Matt and Cindy can also be a resource for you as parents of TCKs.

If you are not a cross-cultural worker, you might still be able to benefit from what we have to offer. Contact us to set up a call to discuss your needs.

How much does it cost?

Cost varies based on service and location.

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple! Completing the form on the “Get Started” page gives us a big picture overview of who you are and what you need. Within a few days of receiving the form, we will connect with you by email to set up a video call so that we can get to know one another better and discuss the best approach to meet your needs. Click here to get started today.

What is the cost for you to come to my location?

The cost varies depending on the location. If the distance requires air travel, car rental, or more expensive accommodations, some costs will be added to our standard fees.

How do housing and meals work at my location?
Typically, we will stay at a local hotel or Airbnb in order to give you personal space to process each day’s sessions and complete any homework. We take care of our own meals.
Where do we meet if you come to my location?
We will work together to determine the most suitable place depending on the situation. Sometimes we will meet at a dining room table or in your living room. Other times sessions may happen at Matt and Cindy’s accommodations. We have also used a local meeting space on occasion. We provide all the necessary resources and tools.
I have more questions that aren’t answered here.

Visit our FAQ page for a full list of the most commonly asked questions. If you still have a question, then complete the form on our contact page or email us directly at info@631solution.org.

How can I support The 631 Solution?
Thank you for your interest in supporting our work. The 631 Solution is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The fees generated by our services do not cover the  majority of our operating or living costs. Our work is dependent on the generosity of faithful donors like you. Click here to set up a one-time or recurring donation.

When we moved back to the States after serving as missionaries in Ukraine for 11 years, we did not know what to expect. Matt and Cindy Wright guided us through our debriefing process and made it understandable, applicable, and fun! They even had special resources for our kids to help them understand what it meant to be TCK’s [Third Culture Kids]. We highly recommend Matt and Cindy for any coaching and/or debriefing needs, they were AMAZING!!!

Jon and Jenny Gainer


Ready to Get Started?

The first step in the process is completing the get started form. We will connect with you via email to set up a video call to discuss your specific needs and create a personalized plan of action to keep you healthy and effective wherever you are in your journey.