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At The 631 Solution, we understand the unique challenges faced by cross-cultural workers. Our comprehensive support system ensures they receive the care and resources needed to build resilience, health, and effectiveness throughout their cross-cultural journey. Your donation not only helps cover the costs of these vital services but also extends our reach to those who need it the most.

Your commitment to The 631 Solution makes a world of difference. Thank you for standing with us and the cross-cultural workers we serve. Together we can build a stronger, more resilient global community.

Transforming Lives Across Cultures

How Your Donation Helps

Cross-cultural workers often operate in high-stress environments, facing unique challenges that can lead to burnout and early departure from their roles. By supporting The 631 Solution, you are helping us provide mental, emotional, and spiritual care to these workers and their families, ensuring they can manage the challenges they face both on and off the field.

Every dollar you give empowers us to provide personalized care and support to cross-cultural workers, helping them navigate the complexities of their work with resilience and strength.

Your generosity ensures that those who dedicate their lives to serving others receive the care they need.

71% Preventable

“An estimated 12,000 cross-cultural workers leave the field every year. Nearly 71% leave for preventable reasons.” ¹

10+ Moves

Sometimes moving 10+ times in their formative years, “TCKs face a lot of mobility and transition which increases difficulties that serve as sources of resilience.” ²

94% Exposed to Trauma

“Ninety-four percent of missionaries reported having been exposed to trauma on the field, with 86% reporting exposure to multiple incidents.” ³

1500 Workers

“A Barna statistic estimates that every month, approximately 1,500 North American ministry workers (pastors and missionaries) leave their work, due in part to burnout.” ³

What People Are Saying


My debriefing week with The 631 Solution was a cornerstone piece of my healing journey after coming off of the field. Before the debriefing, I felt a weight on my shoulders. Matt and Cindy cultivated and provided just the place for me to unload my burdens in a safe and open environment, and to find God’s truth and healing. They gave tools that I am still using to process my experience, but even more importantly, their listening presence let me feel heard, understood, and known. No matter what your experience is or was, I would highly recommend doing a debriefing!

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Eden S.

Eastern Europe

I have greatly benefitted from my time with The 631 Solution three times in Corfu and numerous online chats in the last several years.  While in Corfu, I loved having a quiet place to reflect and process the events that take place while living on the field. Matt and Cindy have a heart for cross-cultural workers and an understanding of the struggles and trials of ministry life outside of the US. They have also continued to be available online when I needed a listening heart and counsel. God continues to use Matt and Cindy in my life, a key reason that I am still on the field after 16 years.

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I’ve been a cross-cultural worker since 2012. I have had a variety of seasons and over the past 4 years specifically, Matt and Cindy have helped me process, debrief, and grieve. A good debrief is essential to transitioning in health. Thanks to Matt and Cindy, their wisdom, peaceful presence and pastoral care, I’ve been able to navigate difficult seasons. Together we have celebrated breakthrough and grieved the challenges of this work. I have left our times together with resources and strength to move forward. The 631 Solution has been a gift of God to me.

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Southwest Asia

I loved my time with Matt and Cindy, and I’m so thankful for them! They provide a safe space to process, and they listen with a patience and care that is hard to find. Their debrief method is wise and helpful. I left feeling refreshed and better equipped for what’s next. If you have the opportunity to do this, I definitely recommend it!

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Rachel W

Latin America

When we moved back to the States after serving as missionaries in Ukraine for 11 years, we did not know what to expect. Matt and Cindy Wright guided us through our debriefing process and made it understandable, applicable, and fun! They even had special resources for our kids to help them understand what it meant to be TCK’s [Third Culture Kids]. We highly recommend Matt and Cindy for any coaching and/or debriefing needs, they were AMAZING!!!

family of 6 dressed in blues and greens standing in prairie field smiling for the camera

Jon and Jenny Gainer


In a season of immense change and the typical stresses of ministry, my wife and I found ourselves profoundly blessed by the support and wisdom offered by Matt and Cindy Wright of The 631 Solution. Matt and Cindy were humble in their approach always reminding us that they might not be experts but are passionate about listening and providing emotional and spiritual support. Our time with the Wrights not only helped us navigate our challenges but continues to positively impact our marriage and ministry even five years later.

smiling bald man and woman with long hair standing in front of outdoor stairway in a European city

Kalep and Ashley Roberson


I met Matt and Cindy while I was on the World Race in 2014. They were the coaches for our squad and did a phenomenal job of leading and loving us well. They were incredibly intentional at getting to know us and went above and beyond  to pour into us as we served on the field. They brought their own experience and were always willing share their wisdom and a listening ear. Matt and Cindy embody servant leadership. Years after the World Race, I’m proud that I get to call them my friends. Their lives are a living testimony to the goodness of God. and I am so grateful to know them!

smiling woman in winter coat standing in a snowy setting

Kimberly W

World Race

We were cross-cultural workers for a few years in Latin America. Unfortunately, we went through spiritual abuse and experienced poor leadership during our time on the field. When we returned to the States, we were afraid that we’d never be able to go back to the field because of what we had experienced. Matt and Cindy were highly recommended for us to have a safe place to debrief. They are professional, knowledgable, and amazing listeners. They lead with empathy and use their ministry to help people like us heal from their trauma and get back on the field and do what God has called them to do.


Latin America

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The 631 Solution is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All gifts are deductible charitable contributions for US federal and state income tax purposes. Designated gifts will be honored with the understanding that if the program or project is overfunded or unable to be completed for reasons beyond our control, The 631 Solution has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

What does my donation support?

When you donate to The 631 Solution, you become part of a community dedicated to sustaining the vital work of cross-cultural workers. Your support helps us address many of the factors that drive workers to leave the field, ensuring they remain effective and impactful in their roles.

Practically, your contributions allow us to enhance our services and cover operational costs to run our ministry effectively.

Can I make a donation by mail?

Yes, you can mail checks made payable to The 631 Solution to:

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Is my donation secure?

Yes. All donations are made through a secure giving platform that is protected by industry-standary encryption. If you have further questions, contact us by email at


Are there more ways to get involved?

Thank you for your interest. The best way to get involved outside of regular financial support, is to pray for us and those we serve. If you have something else in mind, contact us, and let’s talk.