Wright Family Update – Recovering nicely!

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“Hey, what did you have done?”

This is what I keep hearing as I walk around in my “not so stylish” arm brace!  My surgery to repair a torn tendon in my shoulder went well, and I am well on the way to recovery now.  I will be wearing a brace on my left arm to keep the shoulder immobile for at least another 3 weeks.  The last couple of weeks has been spent learning to do lots of things with only one arm!  I am getting pretty good at putting my socks on one handed!  You should try it some time too!

Tomorrow we will head over to East Tennessee to spend a couple of days with my parents, and then on Monday we will head to Gainesville, Georgia to attend the next World Race training camp.  Along the way, we will drop Emily off in Cookeville, to spend some time with her sister and brother-in-law.  It has been great to have Emily staying with us these last few weeks.  The big news for her is that we are in the process of moving her back to Jackson, TN.  We’d really appreciate your prayers as we seek to get her settled in.  She is in need of the big three things: a car, a job, and a place of her own to live once we return overseas.

I’ll have some follow-up visits to the doctor, then some physical therapy, starting in November.  Our previous plans were to return to Greece on November 8th, but at my last doctor visit, they said they would not release me to travel that soon.  This means that we will need to stay in the US until mid-December at the earliest.  Please pray with us as we try to plan our travel back. We want to be sure that Emily has settled in well before we are able to return.

As always, we are grateful for the way you keep us in your prayers.  We have seen the Lord answer prayers repeatedly over the last few weeks.  Just a couple of weeks before we left Greece we found out about a vehicle tax that we had no idea existed.  Turns out we were three years behind in paying it, therefore it was doubled!  We shared this need with a limited number of people, and God has provided for it to be paid in full!  It was over $3000, but God took care of it!  He also provided for the cost of our plane tickets back to the US for this surgery.  We are so humbled by the way God continues to take care of us through the generosity of friends like you!

Here’s how you can keep praying for us:
1) Pray for complete healing in Matt’s shoulder.
2) Pray for Emily’s transition to life in Jackson, Tennessee.
3) Pray for Emily to find a job, as well as a car and suitable housing.
4) Pray for the new World Race squad that we will be working with over the next year.

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