Top Ten Reasons for Corfu

Photo for Top Ten  List page

  1. For several months out of the year, budget airlines fly into Corfu from most major cities in the region.
  2. Corfu is easily accessible from somewhat-isolated Albania, home to over 300 cross-cultural Christian workers.
  3. English is spoken by 70% of the residents of Corfu.
  4. The Greek economic crisis has created a buyer’s market for property in case we are able to purchase at some point in the future.
  5. It is possible to purchase land with a clear title from a single owner.
  6. We have found a wonderful house to rent at a reasonable price. Many years ago, the owners of this home were told, “Some day this house should be used to bless missionaries!”
  7. It has lots of resources for a fun and relaxing time as a family.
  8. God has blessed us through our own experiences in Corfu, and we’d like to share it with others.
  9. We wanted to be near the sea because the sight and sound of the water is so relaxing. Corfu is an island. Nuff said.
  10. Corfu has McDonald’s. It’s just a little taste of home.