The Wrights’ November Update

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Happy Thanksgiving!!
(a little late)

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now Christmas music is all over the radio.  We were able to be in Chattanooga with Matt’s family to celebrate Thanksgiving and had a great time with all of them.  We are now back in west Tennessee gearing up for Christmas.


Here are the updates to the prayer requests we sent out in the last email update:

  1. Matt’s shoulder is healing nicely!  The Physical Therapist is very pleased with the results so far, but there is still work to do to stretch the muscles that went unused for so long.  Keep praying on this one!
  2. Emily’s transition is going really well!  While we were in Chattanooga we made one last trip down to Atlanta to collect her piano and other last items.  Did you know that you could fit a full-sized console piano into a minivan?
  3. Praise the Lord!!  Emily has a new job, a car, and a wonderful little place to live!  It has been so cool to see God work out all of the details!  She will be living in Humboldt, TN and her landlords are former missionaries.  She is working for the US office of a German missions sending organization, just about 5 minutes from where she is living.  We were also able to find her a car!
  4. Our new World Race squad is amazing!  We are really excited to be able to work with them over the next year as God does His work in them and through them around the world.  We were able to go to their Training Camp down in Gainesville, GA and get to know them.


So what’s next?  Well, we have booked our return to Corfu for December 28.  Matt’s last doctor’s appointment is scheduled for December 21, so we decided to stay for Christmas.  We are really happy that we get to be here with family for the holidays, but we are still eager to get back to our own house and the work that God has called us to do.


As we head into this last month of 2016, please continue to keep us in your prayers. One theme that has been popping up this year is the goodness of God.  I think most of us reflect on God’s goodness to us around Thanksgiving as we think about the blessings He has given us.  But what about those times when God’s blessings are not as visible? Are we able to see His goodness even then? In Chattanooga a few days ago, there was a school bus accident that claimed the lives of 6 young children.  Many are asking, “How does a ‘good God’ allow something like this to happen?” Others we know are going through personal challenges and trials that have them asking the same question.  I wish I had some great answer that I could give, then drop the microphone and walk off the stage, but I don’t.  Our heart is to come alongside those that are struggling with this issue, sit down with them (often in silence), and just be with them.  We share their pain, their confusion, and try – without offering clichéd responses – to comfort them and to show them the goodness of God through our actions.  Missionaries are not immune to this struggle, so we desire to be there with them so that they don’t struggle alone, or feel like they need to hide it.


Thanks for being a part of our ministry through your prayers and your gifts.  We cannot do this without you.

Keep on praying!

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