Nita Bukowski, Albania

BukowskiFor the last two years my husband and I have been missionaries in Albania. This has been a huge lifestyle change for us. We love what we do, we love the people of Albania and are very passionate about it, but it also has a high price tag for us personally. Our friends and family are so far away and the time difference can make communication difficult. Our home church that sent us out had a very painful split after we left. This not only affected us personally but really shattered the support system that we had trusted would be in place for us. As we immersed ourselves into the language, culture and lives of our new Albanian family we found ourselves in need of a way to safety talk and process our own struggles in the midst of ministry. We were the teachers, supporters and caregivers to so many around us but who could we turn to for our own needs?

We have found that part of going the distance for us needs to be time away to receive the care for ourselves that replenishes our body, soul, and spirit. Our time with Matt and Cindy was exactly what we needed. Their hearts and gifts are so well suited for their ministry. We felt seen, cared for, refreshed and supported. We laughed, talked, cried and prayed together. Our hearts are set on continuing to be God’s instruments in Albania and that does require a lot from us. We are so thankful to know that we have a safe place to go to be refreshed and ready to return with fresh fire.

Kathy, Albania

KathyI have stayed at The 631 Solution twice in the last several years. I find it helpful to have a quiet place to reflect and process the events that took place while I was in the US visiting family or meeting with supporters. For me, time in the US is not a time of rest, so spending time at The 631 Solution with Matt and Cindy Wright is such a blessing. They have a heart for missionaries and an understanding of the struggles and trials of ministry life outside of the US. Matt and Cindy have shown me great care and compassion as I sorted through some difficult issues. They provided me a quiet place and space to be alone as I needed. They also were “available” when I needed a listening heart and counsel. Their home is warm and welcoming, but I always feel pampered as a special guest. During my last stay at The 631 Solution a month ago, I had some additional “issues” and Matt and Cindy came alongside of me…encouraging, just listening, and offering the most wonderful hugs. I will plan time to travel to Corfu following each of my trips to the US, it helps me get re-focused and to prepare to return to the ministry the Lord has given me in Albania.

Vince and LaVonne, Kosovo

LaVonneOur time together with the Wrights was great. Matt and Cindy offered a fresh perspective – one that was familiar with the culture, affirming of our position and encouraging to us, while offering different approaches and ideas for moving forward. We were fed on many levels – great food and hospitality, quality family time, spiritual nourishment!