Power Down

We have an unusual opportunity to be with family over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays this year.  Usually, we are at our home in Corfu, Greece.  But since Matt needed to have shoulder surgery, complete with follow-up physical therapy, we find ourselves in the States for a few months.



It’s one of those times when life doesn’t look like what we planned, but we can choose to find the good in it.

This time, one of the good things is being with family for the holidays.


Emily and "borrowed" daughter Angela, Christmas 2014.

Emily & “borrowed” daughter Angela,  2014.


Last year was our first Christmas overseas with ALL of the children on the other side of the Atlantic.  Our traditional Family Night that comes with chicken enchiladas and reindeer antlers on the kids and the tree pieces coming out of the box with all the lights and our special ornaments didn’t happen.  We decorated, but didn’t put up a tree.  Friends came over on Christmas Day, but it wasn’t the same as snuggling with kids in their pjs by the tree on Christmas morning, with the scent of wassail in the air,  and then trailing them around the house as they try to follow Matt’s clues that were wrapped up in a box under the tree which will eventually lead them to the real present.  *sigh* Christmas with kids all grown up and living in America while we are still serving overseas.  That’s another blog post, I think.




For now, it’s Thanksgiving weekend.  We aren’t out fighting the crowds on Black Friday.  We are at Matt’s parents’ house, watching Christmas Hallmark movies while we enjoy the fireplace, introducing them to Holiday Mint M&Ms (yum!), and helping Dad solve problems on his computer.



This morning, Dad came into the room saying, “It says my printer is offline. How do I get it back?”  We both asked simultaneously, “Is it turned on?”  He assured us that it was, so Matt went to check things out.  He was gone for a few minutes, tried a few things and then reported that it was connected again.  In the end, he had just turned it off and turned it back on again, and all was well.  Dad remarked that he wouldn’t have thought to do that.  It was too simple.  Matt’s response was, “Many times that’s all it takes.  Just powering down can solve a lot of things.”


It’s true.  Just powering down can solve a lot of things.


I’m an 8-9 hours of sleep kind of gal, if I’m going to function well.  I can do 6 hours a night for a few nights if I need to, but after a while it catches up to me.  Headaches and fuzzy thinking and…I’ll just say it…CRANKY.  But catching up on sleep can make me feel like a new person!  It’s amazing the difference it can make just to power down for a bit!


For those of you serving in ministry, realize that it’s a way of life for you to pour out your energies serving others.  After an extended time of serving, sometimes our connections aren’t functioning as well as they should.  It looks like everything is still turned on, but wires are getting crossed, messages are getting lost, and what used to run smoothly seems to be bogging down.


Those may be the times that frustrations are more frequent.  Emotions run a little higher and a little deeper.  Questions and doubts make an appearance. Don’t let the enemy undermine you at this point of weakness!  First, make sure you are connected well at the power source – your relationship with your Heavenly Father, and time in His Word.  Then consider powering down for a bit.




In the midst of the busyness, what might it look like for you to power down for a few hours or a few days?  If you are in a position to be able to take advantage of our services at The 631 Solution in Corfu, Greece, at any time of year, we hope that you will look into visiting with us! (See our FAQs and fill out a Reservation Request.)




The days leading up to Christmas seem to be busy for EVERYONE.  Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating, Christmas programs, Christmas parties, creating the perfect atmosphere, making sure no one is left out…the list goes on and on!  Trying to make it enjoyable for everyone will sometimes take most of the joy out of it.  Don’t underestimate the value of getting alone or spending a bit of time with someone you love, and just powering down for a bit in the midst of it all.  Go ahead and take an evening to enjoy the Holiday Mint M&Ms, sitting in front of the fire and watching a cheesy Christmas movie.

What do YOU do to power down occasionally in the midst of the hectic holidays?