How it works

Pic for How It Works pageThe 631 Solution is a U.S. non-profit organization that has its primary branch of operations in Corfu, Greece. From this location, the ministry can serve the needs of those working in Europe, the Balkans, and throughout the Mediterranean region.

The pastoral care center in Corfu is a place where missionaries can be hosted for a time of rest and retreat. The staff of the home will be available for fellowship and pastoral care, that is, prayer, encouragement and informal counseling. If needed, we may be able to assist you in making arrangements to meet with a licensed, professional counselor.

Training seminars will be offered periodically on the premises, or in various fields of service, to continue equipping missionaries in needed skills, such as interpersonal communication, maintaining a healthy marriage and family life while serving in ministry, and re-entry tools for youth and families preparing to return to their passport countries.

The 631 Solution staff may visit workers in their own fields of service to offer pastoral care services.