Who can visit?

Our ministry is designed for cross-cultural Christian workers. If you are in occupational Christian ministry, living and working outside your passport culture, you are a cross-cultural Christian worker. For couples, if one spouse meets these criteria, then the family is included.

We are providing our home and our services as a place for pastoral care. While we understand the need for an affordable vacation, that is not our primary purpose. We want to provide an environment and resources for dealing with the challenges of serving in cross-cultural ministry. That may range from personal spiritual retreat to marriage renewal to managing stressful situations on the field to preparing for re-entry, and a host of things in between. Please use our reservation request to clarify your reason for coming. If you are simply looking for a place for you or your family to vacation and would like to come to Corfu, we’d be glad to recommend some accommodations, give you tips about things to do, and make arrangements to host you in our home for a meal or tea time. This will keep the facilities here available for those who are in need of pastoral care or spiritual retreat, but will still allow us to spend some time together getting to know one another (or catching up if we’ve met before!), and give you a chance to see our facility here so that you are familiar with what is available should you have need in the future.

I think I want to come. How do I get started?

Begin by filling out a reservation request here.

How much does it cost?

The ministry is funded by donations. You can read more about this here, or contact us for additional information.

Are Matt and Cindy licensed counselors?

Matt and Cindy are not licensed counselors. They are fellow ministers with the gifts of encouragement and hospitality. They are experienced in living and serving overseas, have raised three well-adjusted MKs, and have experienced some of the hard knocks of working in missions and alongside other believers and have seen God bring healing to their hearts and restoration to their ministry. They are pursuing additional education and equipping in order to continually improve in the area of missionary care. When professional counseling is warranted, they will assist in networking with those who are qualified in that field.

What is Matt and Cindy’s affiliation with Adventures in Missions and The World Race?

As an additional facet to the missionary care ministry they offer through The 631 Solution, Matt and Cindy serve as volunteers with Adventures in Missions as coaches for The World Race. Coaches serve in a pastoral role for a squad of approximately 45 young people, providing spiritual supervision and direction, and debriefing their experiences as they serve on an 11-month service-journey around the world. In doing this, they provide similar services to the racers that they do to missionaries in the pastoral care center, however, it is done on-location at the expense of The World Race. This is a beneficial situation for both parties, as it fills a need for The World Race in supplying coaches, and Matt and Cindy get concentrated training and experience at the same time. Their coaching responsibilities require about a week of travel out of every 2-3 months.

How many people can you host at one time?

Five, easily, but under specific circumstances, a few more. In addition to a bedroom with a queen-sized bed for a couple, and a bedroom with 3 single beds, we also have a baby crib and two camp cots.

How long can I stay?

We recommend at least four full days and up to as many as ten.  If you would like more or less, we can discuss that with you.